At Absolute Beauty we aim to achieve the best results for you. Your initial consultation will last approximately 30 minutes. We believe that the consultation is the most important aspect of your care. We do a thorough assessment and our friendly, professional staff will answer any questions you may have. During this consultation we will assess your face and look at the best treatments to achieve optimum enhancement of your natural assets. You will complete a health questionnaire and an informed consent form, and you will be fully informed of all aspects of your treatment. Consultation is the most important stage of your treatment and this process allows the practitioner to assess the client's suitability for treatment.

Some medications can affect Line Relaxing Treatmentand dermal fillers; however the majority of clients will be suitable. We will give you written aftercare treatment advice and talk about realistic expectations from the treatments administered. At Absolute Beauty it is you that is important and we individually tailor all treatments to your personal requirements.

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